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"PISTOL" Pete Says JoinUp Now

"PISTOL" Pete Sohren, Baja Super Star Joins BlueRibbon Coalition to Help Save Trails

During the Reno Rocks 4x4 event, I had the pleasure of getting to know the famous Baja off-road racer, "PISTOL" Pete. You can't miss him with his unique looks not to mention is tall frame. He's a character who can spank the bumps in Baja, but who also loves to take his kids in the back country on quads, dirt bikes and 4x4's.

"PISTOL" has joined BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) and is going to help us grow in size by bringing the racing crowd to BRC. He wants everyone to be part of saving trails and keeping our sports alive -- exactly what BlueRibbon Coalition does.

Pistol Pete Sohren

"PISTOL" Pete Sohren
BAJA Racing Adventures
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Click here to Join BlueRibbon Right Now -- Save a Trail and our Sports

Stay tuned for more on this soon.

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