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ORBA Press Release: Dune Buggies and Emissions


Meg Grossglass
Media Relations


  California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopts new standards
for dune buggy emissions. This move has averted possible disaster
for an ever-changing and growing dune buggy and engine manufacturing industry.

BAKERSFIELD , CA ( July 31, 2006 .) The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted on July 20 to create a special category to regulate the emissions of dune buggies. Previously dune buggies were regulated under the “Off-Road Large Spark Ignition” standard, a standard focused on things like forklifts and industrial engines. This standard was problematic for engine and dune buggy manufacturers because of the expensive testing equipment and an overly aggressive durability requirement.

Had the CARB Board of Directors not adopted this new standard the dune buggy and engine manufacturers faced the possibility of severe fines and even the closing of their businesses as a result of being out of compliance.  This situation was averted by the hard work of a few key individuals in the dune buggy industry, including John Begin of Suspensions Unlimited and Grant George of Funco Motorsports, and by Bill Dart, Land Use Director for the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA). These individuals worked with the board and their staff members to ensure that the sand car and engine manufacturers have a separate emission standard and test procedure appropriate for the industry.

The existing procedures are prohibitively expensive for an industry of this scale. Grant George stated “I am pleased with the willingness of the CARB Board to work with the dune buggy industry to ensure the environment is protected and the manufacturers have a reasonable time to come into compliance with any new standards”.

 The new sand car category requires manufacturers to comply only with current Federal EPA standards.  For a buggy to fit into the CARB “Sand car” category it must have an engine greater than one liter. If a buggy has an engine equal to or less than one liter it will be considered an “Off-Road Sport Vehicle” by CARB. In the future CARB would like to look at enacting regulations for “Sand cars” that are more stringent than the current Federal EPA requirements.

The CARB Board stated that they would continue to meet with people in the industry to discuss any possible changes. “Bob Cross, Michael Carter, and Scott Rowland of CARB were very understanding and pleasant to work with. It is important that the industry not see them as the enemy, they are doing their jobs and what they feel is right.

I look forward to working with the CARB staff on future emission requirements” stated John Begin of Suspensions Unlimited. ORBA’s Director of Land Use, Bill Dart, has extensive experience working with CARB in the past and will be working closely with the industry and CARB to develop an effective yet affordable solution. “CARB normally regulates huge multi-billion dollar industries so it was essential that they understand the sand car industry has extremely limited resources” Dart stated. “With our input we are optimistic that CARB will develop a reasonable program” Dart concluded.



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 Meg Grossglass, Membership Representative & Media Relations

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