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Angels Camp RV and Camping Resort a Rip Off

May 15, 2006

If you're coming to Frog Jump in Calaveras County, don't plan on stopping by the Angels Camp RV and Camping Resort to dump your motorhome. They charge $15.00 just to dump. It's a rip off!

They are charging this much for two reasons (that so far I can figure out); 1) the New Melones Lake camp grounds nearby no longer have dump facilities because they are under repair; and 2) Frog Jump brings huge crowds of RVers who don't always stay at this RV park, but do want to dump there.

So it's a rip. $15.00 to dump is just plain taking advantage of the consumer, not to mention the FMCA or Good Sam or AAA member.

Avoid them. Dump and camp elsewhere is my advice.  If you're coming to the Calaveras County Frog Jump, don't figure on dumping (or camping) at this park. Don't be ripped off.

Camp at the Fairgrounds. Camp at New Melones Lake.  Or camp at any of three or four nice RV resorts in Sonora.

Angels Camp RV and Camping Resort is a Rip Off for dumping your RV

Angels Camp Cell Phone Service and Stores

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