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To help save trails and our sport, here are things you can do:

JOIN every group you can afford to join.

ADVOCATE for your sport and talk it up.

INCLUDE others, like politicians and friends in what you love to do.

LETTERS -- write to your elected officials, tell them how you feel and what you want for our recreation. Be a voice.

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Management Guidelines for OHV Recreation
Book Review by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

Book reviews usually put me to sleep; but take a read on this one because this new book is worth your time.  I read every page and learned a lot from this dandy reference.

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Tom Crimmins, in association with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), has given us one of the best references for OHV recreation that I think I’ve ever read.  This handbook will help you understand how OHV recreation works in the real world, what we face today for challenges, and how to overcome and mitigate problems.  It will help us keep our sports alive.

Management Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreationis a wonderful resource guide to help you in the “planning, development, operation, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable and quality OHV trails, trail systems, and areas.” (Quoted from the book introduction page).  The book delivers too.  Throughout Tom’s suggestions and guidelines, he gives us methods to develop and sustain our recreation while not screwing up the environment.  It’s a must-do for our recreation to survive – we have to do it right!

Just 51 pages long, this soft cover handbook is a jewel of information.  It takes us through the four E’s of OHV management: engineering, education, enforcement and evaluation.  Each step is clearly articulated with examples of how to apply the E’s on the ground.  I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on how and why to involve the rider – us!

The book focuses on wheeled motorized recreation and gives public land managers and OHV enthusiasts a one-source guide to develop and maintain a sound OHV trail system, no matter where you live or recreate.   Photos and illustrations are top notch and very practical. 

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NOHVCC has given us many great references and educational materials, but this handbook rates a gold star in my book.  Even more exciting is that this book was published not only with the help of NOHVCC, but also with financial support from our very own Recreational Trails Program (RTP) from the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation. 

The book will be available through the NOHVCC web site.  Visit there often to get your copy:

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