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REFORM the ESA Protest Rally

Friday, June 18th, 2005


We must face this question. Unless we REFORM The Endangered Species Act (ESA) now, the possibility of losing your rights to; recreate, ranch, farm, develop, mine, on public lands is our near future. The (ESA) needs to be reformed before you lose more countless dollars and valuable time in court. PLEASE don't wait until it happens, tomorrow a newly listed bug, plant or creature could be added and all due to this poorly written and heavily abused Act. Over 3000 more sub-species are in the waiting!

On Friday, June 18th, join thousands of fellow Americans to protest at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) office in Carlsbad, California and on the Internet using letter generators, petitions and a Phone/Fax campaign. This office has especially demonstrated their reluctance to use good science in listing species such as the plant, Peirson's Milk-Vetch (PMV) at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area that closed over 49,000 acres!

The American Sand Association (ASA) is organizing this Protest Rally along with many other OHV organizations around the country. This is a National Issue that effects all Americans and we want your support too. Please consider joining our Protest.

To make an impact, we plan to have hundreds of trucks, motorhomes, toy haulers, trailers, jeeps, street-legal toys and NOISE to go with them in the streets of Carlsbad. We will have signs and banners attached to the vehicles and picket signs for those at the office and on the streets nearby. This office is located directly across from popular LegoLand and is less than one mile from Interstate 5. We need to assemble so that the

elected politicians and the media hears us loud and clear:


Our future to use public lands depends on this fatally flawed law being rewritten. Along with Rep. Richard Pombo, Chair of the House Resources Committee, we want to see Peer Reviewed Studies before a listing can be approved.

Please consider joining forces in our efforts to Reform this Act. For more Information or to join us, Email to:

Protest information listed at:

Thank You,

Jim Colln

Board Member

American Sand Association

Death Valley Sand Dunes......long gone for access by motor, but one of those places that doesn't need motorized access in today's world...

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