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Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication Works Over Del's Jeep Even More!

Wyotech college did one heck of a job in my Jeep rebuild efforts. Red was in their twice. The students really whipped some tail getting things back together for me since the November 2005 incident (flop). :)  I will always be grateful.  I could not have afford this work otherwise. And the busiess that kicked in since then have really shown me how much support we have in our land use and access battles.

Well, now I'm proud to say that Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication has put the finishing touches on Red -- some significant ones too. In fact, Jeff, the owner, looked over Red and said, *Del, what have you done to poor Red?* By that he meant the stuff the college students didn't get to -- about 10 years of use, abuse and trails with my butt in that seat all that time. 120,000 miles worth. :)

A lot of welding was done; the Rubicon Express long arm kit was converted to tri-link suspension; new front disconnect brackets from Rubicon Express were installed; the radiator was cleaned out and the PowerTank was remounted so as to not embarrass the company (LOL). I had a home-made joe-mcgee bracket on there that Steve Sasaki (owner, PowerTank) should never had laid eyes on. It was ugly. Not any more...

The point of this is that Jeff and his crew at Arabia's Overkill have saved my bacon. With over a week's worht of shop time and work and parts, Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication is now one of my official premier sponsors. Thank you, Jeff, and your entire crew. Red will save many more trails because of you.

Thanks, Del

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