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J&W Wreckers Support Del's Jeep
 J&W Auto Dismantlers (Wreckers) Become Premier Sponsors in Repairs and Parts for Albright Jeep

July 2009, Antelope, CA. J&W Auto Wreckers, Mark and Neil Duncan, gain Premier Sponsor status for Del & Stacie Albright's Jeep TJ. For the third time, J&W have repaired broken stuff, replaced banged up parts, and helped keep C UN RD (the Jeep) on the road to keep saving trails.

The great folks at J & W are real wheelers and Jeep owners who believe in our sport and actually do it. They run a great business with 10 acres of Jeeps and millions of parts. They are very environmentally tuned in (and properly liscensed) and set the example for other auto dismantlers.

You can find parts online or you can drop in and enjoy shopping in person. They are very helpful. What is very cool is that they have a heck of a shop and repair operation as well. The boys have worked on my Jeep twice now and I've been very pleased with the service and workmanship. Check them out.

See latest work and fixits by J&W here

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