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Leadership Training Note


This leadership news note comes to you from Del Albright, Recreation Advocate and Leadership Trainer

NEWS: Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) and Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop


To All Graduates, Students and Friends of RLTC and VLLS:

As 2010 approaches the end, I wanted to touch base about some volunteer leadership stuff you might find interesting.
First off, if you don’t want to get emails about leadership like this (and you won’t get very many anyway), just drop me a note at and I’ll get you off this list.

Secondly, I’ve got some pretty pertinent stuff on in my New Stuff on that is worth reading through and sharing with your partners/friends/clubs, especially the stuff about the National Landscapes Conservation System and Treasured Landscapes.  None of this is good news for motorized recreation.  See new stuff here:

Third, the social networks have nearly taken over the communications world, I think.  I have found both Twitter and Facebook to be hugely valuable in sharing the word and keeping the access fight going.  I highly suggest you look into it.

Fourth, if you haven’t finished (or started) the course (RLTC), you sure can still do it.  In fact, I still have a winch to give away in late December for one lucky graduate of RLTC.  If you’ve not started the RLTC course because you don’t have the bucks, I’ve got a half price deal right now through the end of the year -- $75 (pay as you go or when you can).

Fifth, one of the most useful things to come out of RLTC and VLLS (according to a lot of student feedback) is the concept of setting Expectations to other volunteers.  The simple thing to remember is this:
If it makes you smile, write an expectation to achieve it.
If it makes you frown, write an expectation to avoid it.

Lastly, if you want to do more in landuse/access/volunteer leadership, consider joining the BlueRibbon Coalition Internet Kickin’ Access Team (KAT);  and to stay even more in touch with Access issues, no matter who you belong to (or don’t), consider joining (free) the Access Army:

And if you have a different email you’d like me to use for this list, drop me a note.
Thanks, Del

Del Albright
RLTC/VLLS Course Developer & Instructor
Author, Strategic Planner & Master Facilitator
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