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Recreational Leadership
Training Course (RLTC)

Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS)

RLTC Business Sponsors and Partners

Choose from this list for YOUR graduation gift!
Applies to past, present and future students!

TMax Wireless 9000lb Winch WIN a WINCH from WARN for taking the RLTC Course!!! Other prizes include surprise goodies, and one ticket to Jeepers Jamboree 2010. Lucky graduates will win these prizes in December 2009.

Enroll in and finish the online Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) and receive YOUR choice of gift certificates/swag from these fine businesses who believe in you -- our future as leaders in outdoor recreation.

Graduate by December 20th for a chance to win one of these extra special GREAT prizes:

Warn 8000lb Winch from Warn Industries (read more)
Jeepers Jamboree Participant Ticket for 2010 (see below)

These sponsors/partners of mine are working hard to help us ensure we have trails and riding areas in the future. Leadership of volunteers is key to keeping our trails open and our outdoor sports alive. This is the list of outstanding businesses and their offer to you as a successful graduate of RLTC.

If you're not signed up, you can pay here and get started using your PayPal account. I can accept credit cards through PayPal. Retail value is $150. BlueRibbon and state-wide association members get an automatic 20% discount, making the course $120.


I might add, these are my business friends and personal sponsors for my Jeep, keeping me on the trail in my BlueRibbon Ambassador role so I can help you keep your trail open.

Applies to all graduates of RLTC, past and future

9000lb TMax Winch

Warn Winch from Warn Industries
Warn Industries
End of Year Grand Prize Drawing for One Lucky RLTC Graduate ($900 value)
Jeepers Jamboree
1 Person; Jeepers Jamboree Rubicon Trail Trip
End of Year Drawing for One Lucky RLTC Graduate ($350 value)
ARB 4x4 Accessories
20% off Gift Certificate
Powertank Discount
PowerTank Advanced Air Systems
30% off PowerTank package with pressure gauge
PRP Discount
16% off PRP Seats and Products
Premier Power Welder - welding at an idle
$150 off a welder
PullPal - vehicle anchor and winch point
$50 off a PullPal
$100 towards any Olympic4x4 Product
20% off website prices
30% off one "On the Road" Trip, plus Getting UNStuck DVD
1 Year Supporting Membership with discounted member pricing/benefits
$50 value annual OHV
Recreation Park Pass
United FWDA
$30 Value -- one year membership to
United FWDA
Outback Toilets
$20 value, free toilet and wag bags
$35 value Jeep Dome replacement light kit
Poison Spyder Customs
30% off: Poison Spyder Customs
Tuffy Security Products
20% off any Tuffy Security Product
Free, Tire Plug Kit ($20 value)
I need to add a standard disclaimer, although I doubt it will affect your choice: Good while supplies last. Vendors/sponsors are not obligated by this opportunity and participation is strictly voluntary, while quantities/discounts are available. However I will make every attempt at rewarding you with something you want if for some reason your choice is not available.

New enrollees (as well as current students and recent grads) are eligible for this incentive package! Sign up today and get started. Gain more than the course cost you!

Sign up here

Taking this course helps me help you save trails and riding areas. Thank you.

Set the example as an OHV leader, JOIN BlueRibbon Coalition today (click here).

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