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Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS)

Volunteer Leader & Land Steward (VLLS) Workshop

(This session was officially known as the Trail Leader & Land Stewardship Workshop)

June 10-13, 2004, Ice House Resort, CA.

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Rich Platt, USDA Forest Service talks to students about land stewardship and erosion control on trails and roads.

Merlin Scott, Jeep Jamboree spent a few days with the students, adding bits of history and facts on the Rub icon Trail.

Jeff Spellman takes a shot a public speaking, an essential part of being a volunteer leader involved in land use and access.

Each team had to develop a team name, logo and slogan. Team SLT was about stewardship, leadership and training.

Team Froaders were about fun, responsibility and keeping our trails open.

The Wide Eye Wheelers were about the future of 4 wheeling. Team building was an essential component of the leadership training.

The 16 students were divided into three teams as shown by the team logos above. Each team developed their own logos and slogans, with the reoccurring them being keeping our trails open, clean, and properly managed into the future. Stewardship was prevalent in the thinking of all the students.

Students represented a cross section of motorized recreation. We had one student from CT, one from NV, two from UT, and the rest were from CA. This mix provided a cross-representation of recreation issues and thinking that made the workshop enlightening to everyone who attended. As the course developer and master instructor, I can say that I've never had a better time or learned more in one workshop than I did with these folks!

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