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RTP News, 10/14/2005

TO:  State Trail Administrators and Trail Advocacy OrganizationsFROM: Christopher Douwes, Trails and Enhancements Program Manager, Federal Highway AdministrationSubject: RTP News October 14, 2005 - for States and Trail Advocacy Organizations

Action Items1. RTP Apportionments Posted.2. RTP Obligations: Please check for accuracy, especially KS, MT, ND, WA.3. Contact Lists: Please check for accuracy.

Information Items4. State Trail Administrators Meeting Notes Posted.5. Other website updates.6. National Scenic Byways Conference:


* We posted RTP apportionments at

* Other FHWA FY 2006 Apportionments are at, scroll down to N4510.564 through N4510.576. Transportation Enhancement apportionments are NOT calculated yet because we still need a final Appropriations Act to calculate the final Equity Bonus amounts that get attributed to STP.


I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet with RTP obligations 1993-2005. Please check for accuracy. Some States obviously don't have accurate figures, because total obligations exceed total allocations and apportionments: Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, and Washington. However, that's what we have in Apportionment Notices and in FHWA's Fiscal Management Information System. These figures need to get corrected: you should not be able to obligate more than you have available (unless, perhaps, your State transferred funds from another Federal-aid highway program category: if that is the case, please let me know).

Updated Bicycle and Pedestrian obligations are posted at


We updated the State RTP list at Please check for accuracy, and please provide corrections to and to

4. STATE TRAIL ADMINISTRATORS MEETING 2005: September 20-22, 2005, Newark DE

THANK YOU to Delaware State Parks for hosting an excellent training meeting! We posted the meeting notes at Enjoy!


Events: If you have events of national significance, please provide them to and to


I will be at the National Scenic Byways Conference on October 16-20, with email access only in the evening. I will check voice mail (202-366-5013) once or twice a day. I get back very late October 20, so I may or may not be in on October 21.

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