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Buy the new Rubicon Trail Sticker:

The new Rubicon Trail Sticker resembles our trail sign and is a great souvenier for anyone who has done the trail. By buying this sticker, you also support the efforts of the Friends of the Rubicon. FOTR is displayed in the middle of the sticker, while the famous Rubicon tire symbol is most prominent. Buy one now.

Buy our FOTR T-shirts and FOTR Stickers:

FOTR T-shirts and sticker/logos with the famous shovel are a must have for any FOTR supporter or member. Buy one even if you can't be on the trail much. Show your support of the Rubicon as a symbol of Access and buy some FOTR goodies.

Buy a toilet product and support FOTR at the same time:

We must practice Pack It In - Pack It Out on the Rubicon Trail, as well as many of our trails across the country.  It's time for all of us to set the example and have a portable toilet system of some sort in our remote camps. You can buy a toilet here, from cheap to expensive, while supporting FOTR at the same time. See the prices and options here.

Buy from a vendor or business that supports our Access:

Vendors who give to our raffles, join our associations and sponsor land use work DESERVE our business. That's how we can pay them back for helping us keep open our precious trails. Do NOT buy from those that are just out to make money and are not helping with access in some way. These folks are in the game and are a good start for your next buy. There are others. So be sure to ask your business or vendor WHAT they do to help ACCESS before you give them a nickle. See our supporting vendors. is our featured supporter this month. See the unique line of goodies they have for the four wheeler, outdoorsman.

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