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Get Involved!

To help save trails and our sport, here are things you can do:

JOIN every group you can afford to join.

ADVOCATE for your sport and talk it up.

INCLUDE others, like politicians and friends in what you love to do.

LETTERS -- write to your elected officials, tell them how you feel and what you want for our recreation. Be a voice.

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CB: Many folks run CB channel 10. Be sure your CB is tuned, radio to antenna, or you will have a useless toy in your rig. TUNNING is everything -- professional tuning the best. Get your CB tuned once a year if possible. Truck stops are good places to find a reliable CB person.

HAM: For HT coverage of the trail, the best channel that seems to get out at most places is: 146.805 neg. pl. 123.0.

Set your 2 meter transceiver for 146.805 with a negative offset, and set your radio to transmit a 123 PL tone.

Read more on HAM and radio communications, as well as emergencies on Harald's web site here:

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