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Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)
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You have choices:

1. Friends of the Rubicon Email (Moderated) List -- FOTR -- for folks actively involved in the planning of Rubicon activities, usually living close enough to the trail to show up for work parties; (email me first)

2. Rubicon (FOTR) Work Form; you fill this out to be part of the FOTR work force for projects on the trail and in my address book for FOTR;

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Know Before You Go
tips for getting Rubicon ready

CLICK HERE to go to the Work Sign Up Form for the Rubicon Trail work days and to be part of FOTR. Work is being laid out. Plans are going to be made. Jump in and join up! NOTE: while we are not associated with any of the commercial trips that run the Rubicon, we are working with them in the repair and maintenance of the trail. We are partners with all interested parties.

If you'd like to be on the FOTR email list and keep up to date with what's happening, just fill out our FOTR form (it's free) after dropping me an email with the following info:

Full Name and Club/Group affiliations.

Please also tell me how you heard about FOTR and what state/city you're from.

Once you are either (or both) on the FOTR email list (subscribe only moderated list, or signed up on our work/sign up form, you'll be in the loop. If you want weekly involvement in Rubicon planning and activities, get on the FOTR email list.  If you just want to show for work projects, sign up on our form. Whatever you do, if you love the Rubicon and what it stands for, this is your chance to make a difference.

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