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Rubicon Trail Bosses
Todd and Bebe Take the Reins.

I have asked Todd Ockert (Navy-Jeepster) and Jacquelyne Theisen (Bebe) to be interim Trail Bosses for Friends of the Rubicon for the remainder of 2009 (until the normal elections in February 2010).

As your Trail Boss for the last eight (yup, 8) summers, since our beginning in FOTR, I am handing over the reins temporarily to Todd and Bebe as I can't devote the time to FOTR it needs right now. My duties as Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition are taking me all over the place, saving more trails and helping more folks get in the access game. Our country and our trails are in trouble in many ways, and I am devoted to keeping our sport alive and our trails open -- not to mention our freedoms.

And for sure we know that part of my mission is to train up new leaders and encourage "more experienced" folks to let others take charge as part of the learning process. Todd and Bebe will do fine in keeping the FOTR ship on course.

Normal FOTR elections take place in early 2010 when we can decide who is at the helm officially. In the meantime, I ask that you give your full support to Todd and Bebe, FOTR Team players and kickin' it leaders. Thanks, Del

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