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"MUST" Shared Trails Workshop 1997


May 31, 1997, Arnold, CA. Multiple-Use Shared Trail (MUST) Workshop conducted at Big Trees State Park to find equitable solutions for multiple use of public lands, conceived, organized and facilitated by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Board Member (at the time) and State Environmental Affairs Coordinator (at the time) for the Calif. Assoc. of 4Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC).

Conducted in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service (Region 5 and the Calaveras Ranger District). Represented groups included: USFS, Tread Lightly, BlueRibbon Coalition, Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center (CSERC), American Motorcyclists Association (AMA), hunting guides, rock climbers, motorcyclists, equestrians, tourism advocates, loggers, 4wheel drive enthusiasts, and snowmobilers.

Sharing trails, finding ways to cooperate between various uses of public lands, and increased pressure on public resources were the main reasons for holding the workshop. "It is no secret that urbanization is expanding, our public lands are shrinking, and there are fewer and fewer areas available for exclusive use by any single group," Albright said at the workshop. He added that "we MUST find ways to cooperate and keep our trails open."

Besides indoor classroom type presentations on landuse, access and multiple use, outside areas were set aside for each type of recreation and public land use. Each activity had a demonstration area to set up a display of their particular enjoyment of public lands. Workshop participants rotated between stations to hear from and interact with the various display groups -- what the military calls "round robin" training.

Indoor sessions included small group breakouts where participants directed their attention towards public land needs, expectations, objectives, shortfalls and future planning. Solutions were the focus of every aspect of the MUST workshop.

According to Albright the MUST workshop evolved from the Land Use Network that he started in late 1994 with the enactment of the Desert Protection Act of 1994 where 69 Wilderness areas were added to the National Wilderness Preservation System within the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) -- thanks to US Senator Feinstein and then President Clinton -- locking up another eight (8) million acres of CA. More here on that "taking" of public land.

The solution to keeping our lands "multiple use" and access for all is for every outdoor recreationist to BELONG to every group you can afford.

Landuse History
Multiple Use (Landuse) Coordination Historical Notes (primarily California)
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1996 National Multiple Use motorized group
1997 CA first multiple use group
1997 CA first multiple use workshop
1997 Land Use Network (LUN) campaign
1999 CA Forest Plan Amendment efforts (from REN)
2003 CA recreational leaders in all aspects of backcountry use
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