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California Multiple Use Summit

March 22nd, 2003, 10am to 4pm, Sacramento, CA

NOTE: The Summit was a huge success, with over 65 leaders in all forms of recreation and multiple-use attending. Many issues and opportunities were identifed by the group. Minutes/proceedings will be published separately. I have left these pages up for you to review as an example of how a Summit can be conducted and organized.



A Summit of California multiple-use leadership and land use folks was held in Sacramento on Sat. March 22, 2003. This was truly a multiple use event, with all forms of access-oriented folks invited, to include, but not limited to: four wheelers, equestrians, mountain bikers, metal detectorists, ATVers, snowmobilers, dirt bikers, miners, ranchers, gem collectors, racers, dune enthusiasts, sand draggers, rockcralwers, hill climbers, back country explorers, hikers, etc.

This is about keeping our access to lands and resources in California.  It's about joining our efforts wherever we can. It's about our form of recreation or land use thriving into the future.

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The Summit (now an on-going effort) is for group/club leadership and/or land use/access folks. However if the president your group is not into politics and land use, and you are, then you should be the one to participate in the Summit. All multiple-use interests are invited. Summit Issues and Opportunities will continue to be developed and identified through a separate, subscribe-only emai list (and further meetings).

The method to get folks unified in this Summit type approach is to start with a thorough email list of the primary organizations/clubs in your area. Then begin emailing with all of them with the reasons for a Summit. Lastly, once everyone is on board and talking with each other, get a small group together to plan the logistics of the meeting. Use a facilitator if you can. Email me for details on how to actually conduct and orchestrate the meeting.

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Our job is to find unity in our efforts so we can support each other, possibly eliminate a little in-fighting, and keep our trails and lands open. The bottom line is that if we don't hang together; we will surely hang separately.

This group will focus on only CA issues. Our purpose is to:

1. Share information about what our many groups/clubs are doing;

2. Find areas where we can cooperate on a statewide basis;

3. Orchestrate big strategy deals (like the Boxer mess or Glamis or Oceano, or the Rubicon, etc.) -- major impact issues.

4. Learn more about what we're all about and what our groups stand for (and what they don't stand for).

5. Help the multiple-use stakeholder groups with our combined input.

6. Sort out the key issues in CA and prioritize them as a group (meaning those things that we're willing to get behind and do something about)

7. Mix it up with other types of recreation and land use groups.

8. This will be about communication, cooperation and coordination, in order to make us ALL more effective back in our own groups and clubs.

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There are no dues; no structure; no taking away memberships from anyone; and no political finagling. We are just about finding areas of agreement and areas where we agree to disagree (peaceably). This works on a national level with the North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) pretty well. Same idea.

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Landuse History
Multiple Use (Landuse) Coordination Historical Notes (primarily California)
1994 First national landuse email and internet group
1996 National Multiple Use motorized group
1997 CA first multiple use group
1997 CA first multiple use workshop
1997 Land Use Network (LUN) campaign
1999 CA Forest Plan Amendment efforts (from REN)
2003 CA recreational leaders in all aspects of backcountry use

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