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Dusy - Ershim Trail Info & Photos

Death Valley Sally (DV Sally), my old 1982 CJ-7 did some trails in her time. She's retired now, but her memory lives on. Read about her and I doing the Dusy, Moab and Rubicon in one fell swoop. :)

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One Club's report on a Dusy trip:

Read the full story on the Gruesome But Beautiful Threesome (Dusy, Rubicon and Moab) at

Good luck......and smile in spite of the bumps and drags!

More here (and see photos).

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Noted four-wheeler, rock climber and mechanice, Wes Cross -- much younger here.

Chicken Rock near Courtright Lake at the start of the trail.

The Dusy trail provides some pretty good fishing. This is just one evening.

Del views Huntington Lake from over 10,000 feet elevation on the Dusy Trail.

Thompson Hill had some challenging rock piles that were fun.

DV Sally and Del negotiate Divorce Corner near the end of the trail. 32 miles of trail; 30 miles of rock! Great!

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