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NAMRC History


North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) Background

In 1996 the East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Association proposed the idea of a national off-road (4wd) coordination group they called the "Great American Four Wheel Drive Council." Their intent was to bring more groups together who were not necessarily members of other groups. In November of 1997 and May of 1998 Del Albright orchestrated meetings that were held to firm up the idea of a national group, but with a more diverse representation. Motorized and non-motorized (multiple use groups) were represented in the initial meetings. Eventually the group decided to focus on motorized access, no matter the type of sport, and became known as the North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC).

NAMRC is like a Knights of the Roundtable group, loosely organized with an informal structure, dedicated to sharing information about common problems and finding unity in national solutions. SEMA hosts the meetings as part of their annual show in Las Vegas, NV.

NAMRC brings the leaders and activists together from all types of outdoor recreation on a national level to work together towards conserving our outdoor heritage and recreational opportunities. More about NAMRC here at

Landuse History

Multiple Use (Landuse) Coordination Historical Notes (primarily California)
1994 First national landuse email and internet group
1996 National Multiple Use motorized group
1997 CA first multiple use group
1997 CA first multiple use workshop
1997 Land Use Network (LUN) campaign
1999 CA Forest Plan Amendment efforts (from REN)
2003 CA recreational leaders in all aspects of backcountry use


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