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NRA and Access Issues
National Rifle Association Fully Involved in Public Land Access Issues

The NRA has gotten heavily involved in helping to keep lands open to motorized and non-motorized access for hunters, very much like the BlueRibbon Coalition and other motorized recreation groups.

While this is certainly helpful, in my estimation, more NRA members need to join up OHV groups because the myth that hunters are not OHVers has come to an end. If you use a quad, dirt bike, tote goat, jeep or 4x4 to get around in the back country, retrieve game and get to your favorite hunting spot, you ARE in fact an OHVer in the eyes of many.

Travel Management Plans are closing roads and changing the way we can access and hunt our public lands all over the USA. Every Forest in America is going through this, and most BLM areas are doing similar things (designating routes and closing others).

This is not just about hunting, and hunters, it's about guns and shooting as well. Roads are being closed -- period. It affects us all. We all need to fight this and be part of this from many different perspectives and angles.

BlueRibbon (BRC) leads the charge nationally from a grassroots perspective to champion responsible access to public lands. It is my hope that more NRA members will see this and become part of BRC so we can magnify our efforts and increase our access Army. Together we can do so much more.

Join both groups today if you are a hunter and if you believe in public land access.


Del, proud member of the NRA and many other groups

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