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2008 - THE Election Year!

Reading the position statements and platforms are the first step of deciding how to vote. John Stewart and I (and others) worked up a platform questionaire and use it -- but usually this kicks in before the Nov. elections, not so much for the primary. But knowing where they stand on OHV and access issues is what the questionaire gives us. I don't think anyone would be surprised to know that folks in the category of Hillary and Obama flunk these questioniares hands down.

A great educational resource for us in CA is CLORV -- CA League of Off Highway Voters. www.clorv.org will help a lot, but they don't usually kick in until big time (Nov. elections). They have nothing up for Primaires.

CA State Legislator Doug LaMalfa (strong support of ours, public lands and trail-related recreation) has just kicked in officially to support Mitt Romney.
So that's a hard endorsement to ignore and says his platform is probably pretty favorable to us. Read more here:

Pirate4x4.com has an extensive discussion on this in the Land Use Section (see Elections) for more platforms and positions.

Remember: our country is founded on voting and freedom -- they go hand in hand. Give up one; give up the other. Get out and vote; get others to do the same. Vote from an informed stance. Know what you're getting -- as best we can in this fluid world we live in.

_____For 2008, _Del Personally Supports John McCain____________

From the Decebmer American Hunter (NRA) magazine:

This next voting year, 2008, is a big one and we all need to do our part -- VOTE. So much is at stake in 2008.

I was just reading The American Hunter (NRA) and President Sigler pointed out the count down and what it means to us -- recreationists of all types.

11 months from now we'll elect a new President, while also electing at least 11 state governors, 34 US Senators, and about all 435 House members.

9 months from now both parties will formalize their candidate selections -- something some consider a formality.

2 months from now, Tuesday Feb. 5th, 20 states are scheduled to vote in the primaries.

So yes, the time is NOW to make your difference.

Register to vote.

Get others to do the same.

Work for, support and/or contribute to those candidates who stand for those things you believe in. FOTR will be going to work for a few select candidates who need our help to continue to protect our motorized access to the Rubicon. We have friends. We need to keep them (or get them) in office. :)

There is so much at stake in 2008. VOTE!

California folks, please visit here for more on our candidates and how they vote in OHV issues: www.clorv.org

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