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Radios, GMRS
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GMRS the Up and Coming Radio

General Mobile Rado Service (GMRS) is taking over public radio channels and events in the off-road world. CB is fading away. Ham is still an excellent option but requires a license and training.

GMRS requires a license but without a test. Just pay the money.

GMRS is easy to use and walkie-talkie compatible. The frequency operates well in heavily wooded areas, or any environment with obstructions including mountains, canyons, and forests. GMRS is longer ranger communication than CB or FRS (Family Radio Service) with a higher power output than FRS (or CB).

Our friends at Rugged Radios have some great options for GMRS radios and complete communication kits (like for your side by side or race car). Check out Rugged Radios here.



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