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To help save trails and our sport, here are things you can do:

JOIN every group you can afford to join.

ADVOCATE for your sport and talk it up.

INCLUDE others, like politicians and friends in what you love to do.

LETTERS -- write to your elected officials, tell them how you feel and what you want for our recreation. Be a voice.

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BFGoodrich New Mud Terrains, WOW!

The MT-T/A km2

I'm running the new BFGoodrich MT's (KM) and wow, I can't believe how well they work and grab! With this new design it's like the old standby MT's mated with the BFG Krawler's, and KABOOM....this new grab-a-rock, tackle-the-mud, hold-the-road tire is born. As of this writing, I've had them on the Rubicon Trail, several trails in Colorado, and the Slickrock Trail of California. I am convinced this new design will grab a winner's share of the market as well. These babies work!

They're on my Jeep to stay -- street and trail. I'll give an update at the end of summer and let you know just how awesome these work in all circumstances.

See the new MT's at work on the Slickrock Trail
Visit BFGoodrich online right here

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