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Border to Border Trip

My border to border, all dirt roads, Mexico to Canada trip with Chris Collard was AWESOME!



  If you want to have an experience of a life time, and new adventure around every corner, you need to try this sometime. Take off from the Algodones Dunes at the Mexico border, and stay on dirt to Reno, NV, then on to the Canadian border.


Chris Collard, noted photojournalist created this idea and pulled it off. I tagged along on the Mexico to Reno segment (a little less than half the trip). All I can say is WOW, what a treat. Dirt camping in a tent, 12 hour driving days, swarms of bees, Border Patrol incident, chased by a rattle snake, and numerous camp fire stories, made this trip a lifetime adventure.

SEE my recap and pics of the trip

Read the whole story and get the inside scoop from Chris himself at (community, Chris Collard Border to Border blog). See press release about the trip here>pdf file


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