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Elko, NV, Fall Colors Trip 2004

Elko County Nevada is 17,000 square miles of beautiful country. Now I admit, that if you've only seen it from Intersate 80, you may not be convinced. But view these photos to see the true side of one gorgeous place, with more adventuring than you could throw a riata at. (oh, that's buckaroo talk for a braided cowboy rope). Explore Elko right here!

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Every Fall trip to Elko should include Lamoille Canyon as the first stop.

Lamoille Canyon is a glaciated valley full of colors and accented by a beautiful creek (with beavers too).

The road up Lamoille is paved and dead ends at the top of the canyon. It's well worth the trip to see colorful hillsides like this...

About half way up you'll find a camp ground in Lamoille with this view.

The creek splits the canyon and you have a view of it (with colors) all the way up the 12 mile drive.

I stopped here in another canyon (Harrison Pass) to show you the colors up close.

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