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Volunteers Tackle Fordyce Trail Repairs

WeBilt 4x4 Club and Friends of Fordyce

by Harry Wagner, Harry Situations

June 9, 2012

The Fordyce Creek Trail in Northern California is known for its challenges and beauty as it crosses the granite of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  One particular obstacle near the beginning of the trail caused considerable concern; not because of the difficultly, but the fact that it pitched vehicles off camber towards a steep hillside.  “We have been stacking rocks here for years to flatten the trail but they just roll down the hillside,” explained WeBilt 4x4 Club president Jason Dunn. “We wanted to make a more permanent fix to improve the safety of this location and ensure that no bypasses are created,” Jason added.  WeBilt worked in conjunction with the US Forest Service and Friends of Fordyce to construct a metal basket that was filled with rocks and affixed to the hillside with rebar. 

Over two dozen club members and like-minded four-wheelers showed up for the work party to eliminate the possibility of a rollover on the side of the mountain.  Wire mesh, rebar, even power tools and a generator we used -- these guys thought of everything.  WeBilt knocked out the job in just a few hours by displaying the hard work and camaraderie that four-wheelers are known for.  

NOTE:  BlueRibbon Coalition appreciates and applauds the efforts of folks like these who take care of our lands and trails, and help keep them open for responsible off-road recreation with their sweat and hard work.  Working cooperatively with agency management personnel the volunteers on the Fordyce Trail are setting a great example.  Our hat is tipped to you.

More on the WeBilt 4x4 Club at:

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PHOTOS by Harry Wagner

Fordyce Workers
Members of the WeBilt 4x4 Club wasted no time in getting to work.  While some volunteers moved rocks others drilled holes, installed rebar, and set up concrete.  There were no idle hands on this day!
Fordyce Volunteers
Keith Hansen (front) and Dave Perez fill buckets full of rocks to load into the basket upon its completion.
Harry Wagner Photo of Fordyce workers
WeBilt club president Jason Dunn (right) mixes concrete to hold rebar in place, ensuring this trail repair is long lasting.
Wagner Image 3304
The loose rocks that were previously stacked in this location were constantly shifting under the weight of passing vehicles.  The new trail fix is not only safer but should require minimal maintenance. 
Happy Volunteers on finished job on Fordcye Trail
WeBilt 4x4 Club and friends had a great turnout for their work day on the Fordyce Creek Trail and completed their task in short order, leaving plenty of daylight to explore this beautiful area.

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