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Jeep Jamboree, USA, Ghost Town SUV Run
Bridgeport, CA July 2005

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Belfort, the ghost town at 10,200 elevation

The old store at the ghost town of Belfort, CA, located at 10,200 elevation in the Sweetwater Mountains. (More Sweetwater Mountains here)

Photos by Stacie Dominick

Trail guides conduct morning briefing

Briefings and safety instructions start each day of a Jeep Jamboree trip.

Having breakfast at the Bridgeport Inn

The good was great. We headquartered out of the Bridgeport Inn....great folks.

Sweetwater Mountains view and Trail Guides

Plenty of Trail Guides make sure your Jeep Jamboree trip is fun and carefree.

Desert buckwheat sulfur flowers on the sweetwaters

July is a great time for flowers in the Sweetwater Mountains.

The descent back to pavement

Coming down from Belfort (over 10,000 feet), our Jeeps made good progress along the high desert scenery.

Lunch time talk at Belfort, CA

At Belfort, I gave a talk on the history and folk lore of the area. It was a great trip.

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