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Del's Jeep to Get an OVERHAUL and REBUILD!
Sponsors kicking in to get Del back on the trail with a better-than-ever Jeep!!!

By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador
Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon

Click to see a larger image of the 1952 Studebaker "Lobster" dune buggy I thought I was going to have to resurrect the old Studebaker "Lobster" for my land use and access work.

The "Lobster" circa mid-1960's.
Read about it here.

Rubicon Express
Advance Adapters Home Page
Warn Winch Home Page
BFGoodrich Tires
Olympic4x4 Products Home Page
Premier Power Welder
Premier Racing Products Seats
J & W Auto Wreckers of Sacramento (Antelope)
Poison Spyder Customs
DJ Safety Seat Belt Harnesses and More
Jeff Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication
CTM Racing Products Home Page
Wyotech University
Tuffy Security Products
Pirate4x4 and TV Show
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Who's Helping with the Rebuild?
Off Road Business Association -- an official sponsor of Del thru the BlueRibbon Coalition
Helping the cause all the way!
Rubicon Express -- making Del's Jeep Rubicon ready!
Taking on Del's Jeep as a project for a total overhaul and rebuild
Complete coverage of the buildup, while supporting land use and access
Providing all the Red Jeep parts, in the right color!
Click here to learn more about Advance Adapters
Custom parts, trail tested, and on the land use and access team
Long time supporters of Del and our sport in general
RV and Off Road driving training -- and trailer loaning to Del
Kevin Carey, on the team, making a difference in our sport!
Pirate President, Kevin Carey -- a loaner jeep!
Tuffy Security Products - a big rear cargo box with drawer.
A new Warn 9.5ti winch for Red Bushwacker Body Gear
Premier Racing Seats
Premier Power Welder
Your business here? DJ Safety Seat Belts

If you would like to be part of this rebuild, please contact me directly.

Awesome news!!! My flopped-over, trail-worn Jeep (See'n Red) is going to get a full overhaul and rebuild with help from several folks and businesses. This is a life-saver for me as I've about run out of pocket money to keep old Red on the trail. If you're reading this, you probably already know that my Jeep is my main tool for keeping our trails and riding areas open. We flopped it over on the Rubicon last November and it's out of commission for a while. Not for long!

See more of poor Red's flop over and rescue by Roundeyes.Com folks
With the help of Bruce Wade ( and Lance Clifford (, Red is going to be an official "project Jeep" for Wyotech automotive college in Sacramento. Bruce and Lance facilitated the deal as their part in helping to get me back on the trail and back to work for access!

Tell these folks THANKS! Send an email You can be part of this and help out by just telling these folks thanks. Click here

The Wyotech automotive students (Department of Chasis Fabrication) are going to overhaul and rebuild Red to be even better than before -- tougher, stronger and better equipped. WOW! I can't thank Bruce and Lance enough for getting this project off the ground (at their initiative too).

Wyotech Home Page
Wyotech offers a quality education emphasizing practical skills in auto body, auto fabrication, aviation, HVAC and diesel technology.

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Roundeyes.Com (Supporters of Del) Home PageYou've heard me talk about before, but this effort is above and beyond the call of duty. Bruce Wade is facilitating this entire project and helping me through this step by step, as well as helping to get businesses and sponsors for the project. Bruce is one of my main supporters and helps in all aspects of my land use and access work. I cannot thank him enough.  is doing LED rock lights and 7” Round conversion headlamps for "Red!" Awesome!

Bruce and his crew were also my rescuers when Red flopped over. Thank you Bruce....and for helping to make this happen.

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Pirate4x4.Com Home Page Lance and "Camo" (Eric Linker) will cover the buildup on, the world's largest off road web site. Lance and I have been partners since the inception of Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR).  He was on the first ever FOTR work weekend. He, Camo and have supported FOTR, my efforts and our sport for years. I will have periodical updates on this web site as well. Plus there will be some magazine and newsletter coverage all across the country.

Very importantly to the budget for this project, my hat is off to a couple of businesses that will always have a place at my campfire. My Jeep will become a fully loaded Rubicon Express Special!

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Rubicon Express Home Page Rubicon Express is making a significant co-sponsored contribution to this project by providing a complete suspension system (heavy duty long arm kit) along with remote resi-shocks, drivelines, stainless brake lines and about everything else that RE makes in order to get me back on the trails soon!  Rubicon Express is a proud company that makes durable, tough and well-engineered off road components. Red will never be the same after this.

Rubicon Express, Sponsors of Del, home page Rubicon Express is a great company. The Goal of RE is to provide Jeep enthusiasts with suspension components and off road products of the highest quality and greatest value. Staff members are all Jeepers, and will do their best to answer any questions about any RE product. Plus they understand our need to keep trails open.
Scott Becker, Sales/Marketing Director for RE, jumped on this project, put together the parts package and told me, "Del, Rubicon Express wants you on the trails, working for our access, and we have the right gear to keep you there!" I can't wait for Red to be a Rubicon Express special Jeep! This kind of support ranks RE as one of my official full-fledged sponsors! Thanks to the entire crew at Rubicon Express, Rubicon Manufacturing and Rubicon Outfitters!

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J&W Auto Wreckers, Sponsors of Del, Home PageTo handle all the broken and bent body parts, J & W Auto Wreckers stepped up to the plate and pulled me out of a jam. J&W Wreckers has one of the largest selections of new and used Jeep parts in the world -- 10 acres worth!  

They are providing several Jeep body parts (even in the right color) at a significantly reduced price in order to support the project and help get me back on the trails soon! Neil Duncan at J & W put together a package of red Jeep parts for this project and fully understands the need for fighting for our access rights.  J&W is now a sponsor of my work and I have to say I'd be hard pressed to keep Red on the road without the help of businesses like J&W. Thank you.

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Advance Adapters, Mike, Vic and the crew, have decided that I needed a really trail-worthy transfer case, the best in the business, and have donated a new, custom built 5:1 Atlas to the Jeep rebuild project. WOWOWOWOW. This is going to add a new dimension to my Jeep. Thank you Advance Adapters.

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Poison Spyder Customs Home Page Clifton Slay at Poison Spyder Customs has a new design on his custom Rockers for TJ's and he's donating one to Red's new life form! Poison Spyder Customs is known for heavy duty trail rugged tube frames and rig protection, and I look forward to having these rockers on my Jeep. Thank you, Clifton!

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Tuffy Products Home Page For Serious Security Protection, Tuffy is my choice! They donated the big cargo box in the back of Red. It has a drawer that pulls out to the rear of the Jeep and I love it. Thanks Tuffy. You guys have made my Jeep so much more useful, and my "stuff" is protected and safe. Visit Tuffy Security Products for your protection/security needs.

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Click here to visit ARB Jim Jackson, President, ARB-USA and Chris Wood, ARB Western Sales Manager, have helped me build Red in the past and when they heard we had smashed our ARB Safari Snorkel in the flop-over, they immediately got a new one ready to ship to me. Thank you ARB.  You guys are the best! I've had good support from ARB for years, and good products as well. The current snorkel and ARB front bumper, as well as the OME shocks on my Jeep were donated by ARB. Visit ARB-USA for a view of what Australian engineering can provide you.

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Visit Bushwacker Home Page Seeing the new for a strong set of good-looking fender flares, Bushwacker Body Gear has donated a full set of their awesome Pocket Flares for Red. Wow. I've wanted a set of these for years. Thank you Bushwacker. Red will never be the same. Trails (and parades) here we come!!! :)

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Visit Warn Industries Home Page Warn Industries supports land use and access all over the country. They donate to help clubs and raffles about as much as any vendor/business I know of. They saw the rebuild of Red and figured it was about time for the BlueRibbon Ambassador to have a new more powerful and efficient Warn Winch. A new Warn 9.5ti is now part of the official rebuild for Red. WOW! Great. I've loved my several Warn winches over the last 25 years of land use and access work. Visit Warn.Com for more info and get yourself a real winch -- a Warn Winch.

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Kevin Carey (L) with Del, around the camp fire.And to top it all off, my friend and partner, Kevin Carey (L), President, Pirates of the Rubicon, and Director, Rubicon Trail Foundation, is loaning me his Jeep TJ in the meantime for important events while mine gets overhauled and rebuilt! We're talking a few months here; so I plan to send Kevin lots of post cards from all the places his Jeep gets to see without him! Seriously, thank you pard. :)

And when Kevin needs his jeep back, Rusty Folena, long time FOTR member, is loaning me HIS jeep, a 1966 CJ 5. WOW. You guys are really something. Thanks to you both I'm still on the trail and working for access.

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Premier Racing Seats (Aaron and the great folks there) donated a full seat of well-built, race and trail ready seats for Red. We got to pick the color and the fabric and they turned out sweet. Thanks PRP, I'll sit on you with pride! :)

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When they heard I was learning to weld, the nice folks at Premier Power Welder just couldn't stand it (thankfully so). They jumped in and donated a complete under-hood Premier Power Welder for Red in order to help me stay on the trail and running! Thanks guys....I love this tool and I am even learning to be a better welder.

DJ Safety Seat Belts are DOT approved and made to last! They donated a full seat of Y harness belts for the rebuild of Red and after I got them in, I knew right away I had a quality, safe product on my hands (and around my waist). Thank you DJ Safety....not that I ever want to flop or roll again, I now feel much safer as our the screaming passengers in my Jeep. (just kidding about the screaming)... :)

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Click here to learn more about Gold Country Driving School Ron DeLaney, Gold Country Driving School and President of my club, the Motherlode Rockcrawlers 4WD Club, is loaning me his car-hauling trailer to transport the borrowed Jeep! Thank you Ron!  If you need RV or Off Road driving instruction, or know of someone that does, click here to learn about Ron's driving school.

Click here to visit Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication Home Page Jeff and Pam Arabia are donating a complete TJ roll cage to Red's rebuild. Awesome, guys! Thank you. Jeff also offered to help with any finishing touches on the fabrication needs. Jeff runs the Rubicon Trail a lot and his business, Arabia's Overkill is about Jeep fabrication that meets the rigorous standards of the Rubicon Trail. Visit Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication here.

Olympic4x4 has become a very important partner of ours and our Jeep. We now have a Dave's Rack as well as a Sports Rack and Safari Doors.  This stuff is well built and trail worthy. These folks support land use and access in a big way, and are often seen sponsoring events and raffles all over the country.

Check them out here at

The folks at Currie fixed a steering problem we've been having and kicked in a complete Currie Heavy Duty Steering kit, as well as a Currie Anti-Rock Off-Road Sway Bar System. Wow.  What a difference this has made in our jeep. We're total Currie fans now. We already run a Currie 44 up front and a Currie Ford 9 in the rear. So old "Red" is looking pretty Currie these days. :) Thank you Kent, and all the folks at Currie Enterprises.

Help the cause! Show our thanks. These folks are helping with land use and access by getting me full time back on the trails -- without breaking my bank! They are helping me keep working for YOU! Send them an email and say thanks!
Click here and say THANK YOU.

Get the latest update on the Rebuild!

Current Photo Gallery of Rebuild Pictures -- AWESOME!!

Read more about buying from businesses who help keep our trails open.

"This is one of the most exciting things to happen to me, and I am overwhelmed by the support these folks and businesses are giving to help me stay in the fight for our trails and lands. Thank you."... Del

Del's Premier Sponsors and Awesome Supporters
T&T Customs Home Page
T&T Customs -- for your buildup or custom fabrication; check out their Rock Tek suspension and new Jeep Trail Doors
Nemesis Industries Logo
Nemesis Industries, major supporters of landuse, access and many off-road groups. Get what you deserve!
MetalCloak Logo
MetalCloak, rock biting products because it's your Jeep, only better.
BFGoodrich Tires - the Nation of Go; Take Control
Raceline Wheels by Allied -- integrating technology and design to make trail-tuff wheels
Poison Spyder Home Page
Poison Spyder Customs -- body armor, Access Army Ricochet Rockers, Crusher Corners, and more
jw wreckers
J&W Auto Wreckers -- specializing in new and used Jeep parts
Advance Adapters with the Atlas T-Case Home Page
Advance Adapters, Atlas Transfer Case
Trail-Gear Logo
Trail-Gear, Toyota, Samurai and Jeep Off-Road Parts with 50,000 sq. ft. of stocked warehouse just for you.
Hanson Offroad
Hanson Offroad -- innovative, high quality, trail durable bumpers and products
NAXJA Home Page -- Cherokee folks supporting landuse
NAXJA, North American XJ (Cherokee) Association
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Olympic4x4 Products -- manufacturing 4x4 stuff since 1948.
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JKS Manufacturing, Off-Road & Performance Upgrades for Jeep Vehicles.
4Wheel Parts Home Page for all your off-road needs
4Wheel Parts -- where you can get everything off-road. They are GREAT supporters of landuse and the BlueRibbon Coalition

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