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Signs of our Motorized Times

by Del Albright

I released this booklet in March of 2001; a complete handbook to various signs on public lands and what they mean to motorized recreation. I've incorporated this book into my volunteer training course, the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC), available to the public.

This is a nightmare of a sign, found many years ago -- CLOSED unless SIGNED open. BlueRibbon Coaliton and many other organized OHV groups tackled this concept with the full force of their membership and the legal system. But nonetheless, it's important to know what signs you might encounter, and what they mean.


As of Sept. 2003, I have incorporated the Signs book into my Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC). Sign up for RLTC and get the Signs book included as part of the deal.

RLTC Correspondence Course for Leaders

It took me two years to compile this work. It includes 17 pages of photos and notes about every type of land use designation sign you can imagine or come across on public lands. I show you the sign, then tell you want it means as far as what we can do, where we can recreate, and how it affects the future of our sport. Wilderness Study Area (WSA) is just one example. I explain the law, the meaning, and the result of a WSA in the booklet, while showing you a photo of a real WSA at the same time. And it is all in the RLTC training course now. Online. Available to the public.

The photo above is precisely the kind of land use designation we need to understand. The concept of Closed Unless Signed Open was started under the Clinton Administration and continues today. "Signs" explains this concept and what the sign really means.

I also include a description of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) and what it means to you, the motorized user.

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