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Oddball Ways to Close More Public Lands
By Del & Stacie Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition

Black Rock Canyon; download article in WORD here

We are sick of the continuous attempts to close public lands for every reason imaginable, from hairballs to headaches. Enough is enough.  Let’s stop this madness and put some common sense back into public lands management – keeping public lands FOR the public; not FROM the public.  Check out this new list of junk being used to restrict or shut us out more.

Soundscapes, viewsheds, scenic corridors and vistas, and perhaps next a “smellzone” are the new additions to closing public lands to motorized recreation.  Where does it end?  Natural sound; peace and quiet; insults to olfactory glands; energy development sounds and sights; OHV use; hunters; you name it – they all make noise (sound).  Some interfere with sights and views….like your neighbor planting a tall tree in front of your ocean view.  Will the anti-access wackos never run out of ways to curtail motorized recreation and energy development?

Read/download entire article here in WORD (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) for OHV friendly, pro-access groups and clubs.



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