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Strategies of the Access War

Strategies of the War on Access
The Simple Principles Needed for Motorized Recreation to Win

By Del Albright, Recreation Advocate

Let there be no doubt: We are at war over our access to public lands and waterways.  Further, we are at war over our basic freedoms like gun ownership, political views, consumer monitoring, and vehicle ownership.  The list goes on, but more importantly, there are strategies we can employ to preserve our freedoms, keep our access, and protect our way of life.  Here I offer those strategies to win the war on our freedoms; the war on our access.

War is a strong word, yes, but by definition is means any active hostility, contention, struggle or conflict (Webster’s New World Dictionary).  We are in a constant struggle by folks who are hostile to our way of life.  To me, this is war.  We must fight back or suffer the consequences of losing what we love to do.

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