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The Sweetwater Mountain Range is under attack by exclusionary elitists who want to make it Wilderness.  It is also NOT in the current inventory of the USFS as a road, so it could go away for this reason alone. WE MUST STOP THIS and Save Our Sweetwaters. Visit this site to help.

TOPIC: Sweetwaters Trip, July 2003

Joined by Preston Birdwell, The Gilded Moon,
and Reno DiTullio, Achilles Photography

SUV convoy in the Sweetwater Mountains Belfort, CA in the Sweetwater Mountains
Our convoy of three at Star City, Preston's Toyota in the rear; Reno's new GMC in the middle and Del's Liberty in front. In the 1880's, Belfort, CA, was a thriving mining town, with only a couple buildings like this left now. We camped near here, at 10,400 feet elevation.
Sweetwater Mountains moon set. Sweetwater Mountains photographer Preston Birdwell
Moon set over a rhyolite mountain top, 5am in the morning, standing on top of the world -- Mt. Patterson, 11, 672 elevation. Reno fights the wind on top of Mt. Patterson (11, 672') as he tries to catch the moon set and mountain peaks.
Wheeler Peak in the Sweetwater Mountains Snow Cave in the Sweetwater Mountains
Reno says this is Wheeler Peak (near the top of Silverado Canyon). Whatever, even without clouds, this is a spectacular view. Real sky color, too. Snow was around, but scarce. This water-melted snow cave was a very refreshing stop. Photo by RenoDitullio (with Del's camera)

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