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By Del Albright

(NOTE: no "slam" is intended for our honest, hard-working politicians and bureaucrats who do try to let the truth guide them in what they do and say.  To the rest, I say wake up and get real because America is tired of being lied to). 

Rarely is there truth in government relations/affairs; just different perspectives. I think Tom Clancy said that. But from my three decades of dealing with bureaucrats and politicians, I can attest to this adage first hand:
Truth is out there for some folks; usually hidden, buried; but most always certainly only from their perspective when it comes to government relations.

If I'm a conservative, my "truths" will be slanted in that direction.  If I'm a liberal, my "truths" will be slanted thus.  Just take that into account when you are listening....because the truth in government is most always hidden in a way or another.

Perception can be a reality. If people think it is true, it might as well be true for some.  That is why credible organizations and folks fight for reality, to correct mis-perceptions.  Unfortunately, for some government affairs, money gets in the way of reality.

In politics it's always about the money. Politicians want votes and donations == money.  I know it sounds a bit mean, because not all politicians are like this; but so many are that it's hard to sort out the honest ones.  Government officials (politicians and bureaucrats of the highest levels) seem to say what is convenient more often than what is more...

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