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Welcome to my bio and intro for land use and access, as well as BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador work. First off, I work full time for the BlueRibbon Coalition to keep our lands and resources available for our responsible use and access. Stacie, my wife, works full time with me. Together, we travel the west helping folks keep their favorite recreational sports and activities alive and well, not to mention our motorized trails and riding areas.

Second, we have some simple beliefs about life.  You can read them here in my article called Basic Training for Life. We also don't believe in unnecessary, radical so-called environmentalism wherein exclusionary elitists try to lock up our lands from our responsible access and use. We do believe in protecting and conserving our resources, while using them responsibly.

Third, we are available to help you, wherever you live or recreate, in keeping your sport alive and well. Just drop us an email. Del & Stacie

Some organizations we belong to and/or support.

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Besides land use activities and four-wheeling, as you'll see on this web site, I have a variety of things that keep me busy and happy, that include: photography; writing; family and friends; music (especially around the camp fire); helping folks with meetings and conferences (facilitation); back country adventuring; hunting; fishing; and even a little hiking. I retired from the Calif. Dept. of Forestry and started working full time for the BlueRibbon Coalition on January 1, 2002.

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BLUERIBBON COALITION (BRC) POSITION/TITLE: BlueRibbon Ambassador; with Stacie (wife); Life Members.

California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC): State Environmental Affairs Coordinator

Active Member: Western Outdoor Writers (WOW) member, and Board of Directors.

Active Member: Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC)

Outdoor Writing & Photography Bio

Active Member: United Four Wheel Drive Associations; High Desert Multiple Use Coalition; Tread Lightly!; North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC); Resource Education Network (REN); and Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR).

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Land use planning and involvement; Professional facilitation/meeting management; Photography; Conference planning; Strategic Planning; Outdoor Writing; and Leadership Training for Volunteers.

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Founder/(ex) Moderator, Land Use Network (LUN); State Environmental Affairs Coordinator, CA4WDC; Member, UnitedFWDA; Motherlode Rockcrawlers 4WD Club; Tread Lightly! High Desert Multiple Use Coalition; Friends of Death Valley; NRA; Charter Member, Resource Education Network (REN) and Charter Member/Founder, North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC). Co-founder/Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon, Active member: Western Outdoor Writers (WOW), and Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC).

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Four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, adventuring, RVing, snowmobiling, desert exploration and sand duning, camping, music, photography and outdoor writing.

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Contractor/Consultant, BlueRibbon Coalition; BlueRibbon Ambassador.
Outdoor Writer and Photographer; and ex-Fire Chief, current Fire Board of Directors, Mokelumne Hill, CA.

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B.S. Forestry; M.A Environmental Planning; Advanced Military Engineer; Lifetime Credentialed Community College Instructor; and Master Facilitator/Meeting Manager.

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BRC Long Range Planning; NAMRC Facilitator; Trail Boss and co-Founder, Friends of the Rubicon; President, Rubicon Trail Foundation.

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Death Valley, California; Moab, Utah; High Sierras (including Loon Lake/Rubicon area), California; Dusy-Ershim; Elko, NV; and the Rubicon Trail.

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Continuously work on membership/recruiting through exposing BRC Strategic Goals to folks everywhere. Membership is the key to the future of a strong BRC. Furthermore, the educational process and battles that we fight in land use and public access are the foundation of what we are about. I plan to continue and increase those efforts significantly in 2002. With my full time appointment to BRC, I will be focusing heavily on the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), nationwide, helping folks implement this trail improvement grant money.

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I believe we must grow in membership and find new ideas to implement in the organization. We also must focus on developing future leaders of the Association. I work to find new ways to encourage folks to step up to the leadership plate and be a part of the Association.

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Del & Stacie Albright
Albright Enterprises
P.O. BOX 127
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 - 0127

DM me on FB to get started

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PADI Certified Diver
25-year NRA Member
Licensed (Registered) Professional Forester (Ret.)
14 Years Military Service (6 Active; 8 CA National Guard)
40 Years of Outdoor (Motorized) Recreation
26 year fire servcie career (Calif. Dept. of Forestry, CDF).

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