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Pheasant (bird) hunting is another one of those freedoms Team Albright well as deer hunting, fishing, geocaching, river rafting and many other activities. It's all about access and freedom to enjoy what YOU like to do in this great country.

Arrow in flight from bow hunter after pheasant in flight

On this hunt on property leased by Wilderness Unlimited of CA, a bow hunter went after his birds the old fashioned way, you might say. Wow, were we impressed. Del got this bow hunting shot with the arrow in mid-flight after an escaping pheasant in the air. Archery bird hunting is a unique (but not uncommon) way to take game birds.


Pheasant bird flushes behind hunters and dog handler in field

Stacie Albright and her hunting companions were sure surprised by this bird jumping up behind the handler and the dogs. Might have been a second bird?

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Enjoy our great outdoors whenever you can.

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