What Does Del's Advice Cost?

Nothing! That's what it costs you....but I ASK you to to do TWO THINGS:

1. Join! and

2. Buy ONLY from businesses who support our trails and sports.

PLEASE be a member of every organization you can think of and/or afford to join. Be sure you are a member of the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC).  It's only $29/year. Join BRC if you're not already a member before you ask me for advice, please.


Join your local, state and regional club that represents what you like to do.  Join everything. All motorized recreation organizaions survive from membership dues.  It's that simple. Members are what make the difference, so please join.

If you're a Californian 4x4, please join Cal4wheel. If you're into another sport, please join their state association.


And members should buy ONLY from businesses, vendors and manufacturers that support our trails and access efforts. We must support those who help us so they can stay afloat in their business.

That's all I ask...

thanks, Del

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