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JPCooler for All Jeepers

JPCooler has designed and creating the first and only tailor made cooler for the Jeep Enthusiasts. We run JPCoolers on our Jeep and love the versatilty and utility they provide, let alone the cooling factor. Sometimes we run one for just dry goods even. It all depends on the wheeling trip.

JP Cooler behind the seat of a Jeep 

The folks at JPCooler have developed a cooler that occupies the unique space located behind the rear seat of Jeep Wrangler's and CJ's. They understand that space is at a premium in a small Jeep and realize that racks to hold large bulky ice chests are expensive and difficult to pack.

JP Cooler Attributes

Each JPCooler is made to work and made to last. We have found them to be very useful on our Jeep.

JP Cooler in a Jeep

Check out JPCooler on the web and get one for your rig. You won't be disappointed.

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