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I personally like Warn Winches, but I've heard good reports on other brands as well. Do your homework before you buy a winch. You rig weighs so much; a winch can pull so much; the numbers are deceiving though. Go to the magazine web sites and other cool tech boards where you can read more about winches BEFORE you buy.

My choice in winches is the Warn 9.5ti or the new Warn PowerPlant combo.

What a reliable, durable work horse this Warn winch is.... get one and see.

Visit the Warn Winch Home Page

Remember the most important thing about a winch is that the rating applies ONLY to the first wrap around the drum. From there out, the rating (pull power) diminshes. So the closer you are to someone you're winching, the less pull power you really have.

Blocks and tackle increase pull power substantially. But be careful. You can damage your vehicle with too much pull the wrong way. Read the books and articles on winching.

ALSO, use a WINCH WEIGHT when winching. This device will keep the cable fom snapping (breaking under pressure) and hurting or killing someone around the winching operation. I highly recommend these items and frequently donate them to raffles.

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