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SpiderWebShade on Jeep
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We Install a SpiderWebShade on Our Jeep


SpiderWebShade Top

The SpiderWebShade really adds a great feature to our Jeep. Now we can enjoy the late Spring and Summer with top down, and still get some much needed sun protection.

It went on easily and can be installed on a wide variety of jeeps, even ones with custom roll cages like ours.



From rear to front, showing how snug it fits using bungees with balls! After several test runs we did not notice any flapping or noise as this baby is snug.

Designed by hand, on the floor of a garage, this mesh top concept has turned into a jeeper's dream top...we love it.


Top from front to rear

Looking from front to rear, the SpiderWedShade is snug, tight and ready to rock and roll -- top down; lots of fun.


I was amazed at how easily it went on. In fact it's so simple, you don't need instructions!


Top with Cargo Net

The SpiderWebShade is so versitle that it fits with about anything else you might have on your Jeep. We have cargo nets from Safari Straps and the SpiderWebShade went right on under the netting.

You can see the bungee balls used to keep the webbing and SpiderWebShade snug and tight. There is no flapping! It works; and it shades nicely.




Top from side

We really need the sun protection the SpiderWebShade mesh top provides. You still get the top down experience, without the sun burn and future skin problems.

Jeep Albright is gonna run top down a lot more now, thanks to SpiderWebShade.

They have a variety of options now for your top -- pick your protection and fun!

Learn more and get yours at


SPECIAL NOTE: We will be driving a sweet TJ loaned from the great folks at SpiderWebShade at Jeep Beach, April 22 - 29, 2013. Thanks rock! Del & Stacie


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