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Cantina for the 'Con 2006
$8500 to the Rubicon Trail Foundation

With the help of the Dysfunctional Rockcrawlers (TDO), the Rubicon Trail Foundation received a huge donation.

When a club like the TDO folks step up to the plate to help a trail, great things happen. This fund-raising effort is a marvelous case of one club doing one thing to make a huge difference to an icon of our sport. More here.


Nov. 21, 2006

Fund Raiser for the Rubicon Trail

Contact: Del Albright, Trail Boss, FOTR: (209) 304-7693, email

Or Dennis Mayer, Treasurer, Rubicon Trail Foundation: email

“Cantina for the ‘Con” 2006 a Huge Success!

For the second year in a row one club “This Dysfunctional Organization” (TDO), affectionately known as the Dysfunctional Rockcrawlers hit another home run with this fundraiser! This year they raised more than $8,500.00 for the Rubicon Trail Foundation in just one weekend!

They held the event over the Labor Day weekend of September 2nd and 3rd at the Loon Lake entrance to the Rubicon Trail. Hundreds of folks donated, bought tickets, and stopped by to support TDO and the Rubicon efforts.

 This is going to be an annual event and TDO is already making plans for next year, so make it a point to join us next year at the Loon Lake Spillway over the Labor Day weekend.

Cantina for the ‘Con is a Taco Feed and Raffle to benefit the Rubicon Trail.  You can check out the Raffle prizes on the TDO Website, or you can purchase Raffle Tickets and make donations when the time is near. 

By donating the proceeds to the Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF), they are guaranteeing that the money will be used exclusively for the support of the Rubicon Trail.  RTF is a 501 C3 corporation dedicated to the future of the Rubicon Trail so all donations are tax deductible.

The Cantina Event is a lot more that a Taco Feed. It is a social gathering of people from all over with the same ideas on their minds “SAVE OUR TRAIL AND KEEP OUR PUBLIC LANDS OPEN”.

TDO, a San Francisco Bay Area 4wd club started out as a group of about 6 friends that met on-line and got together one Sunday a few years ago for a wrench-a-thon. They called it Dysfunctional Sunday and the name stuck. Since then they've invited other friends to "join" their crew and the numbers grew.  TDO is one heck-of-a awesome, get the job done crew.  You can learn more about their club on their web site at

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports the efforts of the famous Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) in keeping the Rubicon alive and well. Together, RTF and FOTR with help from clubs like TDO, the Rubicon Trail will stay in good hands forever. 

We all send a huge thank you to the hard-working, dedicated Dysfunctional Rockcrawlers.

Next years Cantina on the Con will be announced on several websites such as RTF, Cal4Wheel, TDO, Del Albright , FOTR , etc.


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