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We Did It!!!

Dana Holland and his Top Gun crew are stars in my mind! WOW. You wouldn't believe the ingenuity and hard work that went into moving this building across the slabs at the Loon Lake area.  It was awesome. It took all day long and we were whipped by the time the building rested in its new location.

We had plenty of FOTR folks, Top Gun, Sacramento Jeepers, and many other clubs represented. It was a great day. Dana and College Oaks Towing donated the wrecker, the flatbed trailer and the semi, as well as the crew to make it all work. Dana donated the lunch, and the Top Gun folks BBQ's for us. Read more below.

The semi with trailer BACKED into the trail, with Dana assisting from the wrecker.

The wrecker lifted the back end of the low bed to help it clear the dips and rocks.

It was a challenge, what with all the side hills and rocks.

We had to crib up the bad places to get the wrecker properly positioned.

Dana manuvered the wrecker up to the building with skill and daring.  It was great.

Jimmy, from Dana's crew, rigged the attaching points for lifting.

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