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Know Before You Go
Tips for getting ready for the Rubicon Trail

The TRAIL is open!

Before you ride the Rubicon Trail, here are some things you should know before you go. First off, be sure to be prepared with your rig and know the basic rig modifications. Then, of course, make sure you have the necessary trip items for your health and safety. And finally, check here and with me for the latest restrictions or closures.

We do face camp fire restrictions most every summer, so be prepared for that. Fire danger is high most summers, so be careful and check current conditions before you go on the trail. Going on the trail is a really fun experience and one that you are not going to forget in a long while. It is important to remember that although it is fun, it doesn't come without its dangers. A lot of time and preparation needs to go into the trip. Once this is done however then you will be ready to go and have an amazing and above all, safe time.

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Notice! Notice! All side roads and trails are closed to vehicles due to the Eldorado lawsuit against the USFS. You must keep your rig within the county 50 foot easement (25 feet of centerline, either side). STAY on the trail. Look for the Rubicon signs and obvious tire marks and tracks. This parking/driving restriction also applies to places like Buck Island. Keep your rig parked on the trail easement, but please do not block the trail itself.

1. WHERE? It's easy to find the trail heads, but hard to find the trail (it's not well marked). Get a map; use GPS. Read more here.

2. WHEN? When to go? Drive it when it's dry. You don't need a permit nor a reservation. Both street legal and green stickers are ok. Read more here.

3 WHAT? Go prepared (and with food and supplies). It takes two days to do it right. Read more here.

4. FISH and CAMP? Yes, you can fish in the lakes and streams, but keep your rig at least 300 feet away from water sources, especially Spider Lake (it's closed to vehicle camping). Read more here.

5. CAMPING? Camp only where camping has occured before and park within the trail right of way (25 feet of centerline). Respect private property; be courteous to other campers. Read more here.

6. MAPS and BOOKS? Get a good book about the Rubicon (or a map) FIRST. Get one here.

7. RIG MODS? Make sure your rig is right for the Rubicon -- vehicle minimum modifications here.

8. FOTR? Join the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and stay abreast of projects and trail updates.  Learn more and join here.

9. HUMAN WASTE? Pack it in; pack it OUT -- including your human waste. Sanitation shut down Spider Lake. Read more here.

10. ROC? Learn about the Rubicon Oversight Committee -- the folks who manage the Rubicon Trail for El Dorado County. Read more here.

11. COPS on the 'CON! We have law enforcement vehicles and officers on the Rubicon. Obey the law; don't drink and drive; stay on the trail or get busted. Read more here.

12. DONATE to HELP? You can help keep the Rubicon Trail open by donating to the tax deductible Rubicon Trail Foundation. Read more here.

13. FAQ's? Go to the Frequently Asked Questions about the Rubicon Trail. See the FAQ's here.

What's the latest news about the Rubicon?

Eldorado Forest (Rubicon) Lawsuit, Closures and Route Designation

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