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JUNE 19th, 2003


I want to thank Friends of the Rubicon folks for stepping up to the plate to get the job done --- again! Del-

See June 7, 2003 Work Day Photos

Mike Overmeyer, President, Pirates of the Rubicon and FOTR member, led local, state and federal officials through the Rubicon Trail.  Here the crew takes a break on the slabs.

ROC member Jack Sweeney takes his TJ Jeep through the Gatekeeper with Charlie Paine, El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.

Well, poor Del, Trail Boss, broke his jeep and Bob Roggy (squatting) along with Jerry Sparkman, did field expedient repairs and got him on the road again.

Jack Lancaster, Rubicon4x4.Com and Tellico4x4.Com came all the way from Alabama to take the tour. is one of Del's sponsors.

This area is where the approved Little Sluice bypass will enter/leave the trail. Little Sluice goes straight in this photo; the bypass goes up to the right. The bypass will be landscaped with rock and cement to blend into the surrounding terrain.

Eve Kowalski from Environmental Stewardship and Planning, discusses the trail law enforcement issues with two deputies from the El Dorado County Sheriff "Quad Squad." ESP is developing the environemental work on the trail and guiding the ROC through a Rubicon Master Plan.

This pond lies near the entrance to the Little Sluice bypass and will not be disturbed by the approved route.

Three county Sheriffs attended the tour; El Dorado, Amador and Placer Counties. Amador County Sheriff, Mike Prizmich is on the OHV Commission.  Mark Smith, Jeep Jamboree, graciously provided his helicopter to fly folks in and out that didn't have time to take the ground tour. Most of the ROC members attended the tour and approved the Little Sluice bypass as well as some other minor projects. It was a great day. Very productive.

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