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Law Enforcement Tour 2004

Sixteen judges, attorneys, politicians, Sheriffs, DA's and CHP officers attended the Law Enforcement Tour 2004 of the Rubicon Trail. FOTR provided the drivers and rigs. Jim Bramham, Offroad Outfitters and past OHV Commissioner, provided a scrumptuous lunch for everyone. Jack Sweeney, El Dorado County Board of Supervisors orchestrated the tour and arranged for the participants to be there. It was a great day. Many law enforcment issues were discussed, and the LE folks learned the difficulties of back country law enforcement.

On a special note, while we were lined up at Gatekeeper, a trail user in a golf-cart type 4WD rig got way off the trail -- right in front of us! Three cops surrounded the guy with all of us watching. He had a USDA Forest Service LEO, a CHP officer and a Sheriff OHV Patrol officer glaring at him. As he looked around at the audience he had gathered, someone heard him say, "I guess I shouldn't have gotten up this morning." He received a citation for off trail travel and resource damage.

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The new El Dorado County OHV Patrol Cherokee makes its way through Gatekeeper while Lt. Dennis Small looks on and snaps a few photos.

Sharing Walker Hill with a dirt biker, the tour made its way through the trail with few mishaps. We had a great day.

Mike Gray (L) of El Dorado County Airports, Parks and Grounds, rides with veteran wheeler Jim Bramham.

El Dorado County Sheriff Jeff Neves (L) talks about law enforcement issues with Greg Hollows, Chief United States Magistrate Judge.   

Jack Sweeney (L), El Dorado County Board of Supervisors unfolds the map while Rich Platt, USDA Forest Service points out land marks around Little Sluice.

The Spider Lake closure is well marked with signs all around the area, like this one along side Little Sluice.

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