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RUBICON VIP (Legislative) TOUR

SEPT. 19th, 2003

At the invitation of Friends of the Rubicon, staff from Congressman John T. Doolittle's office and Assemblyman Tim Leslie's office spent a day on the Rubicon Trail learning more why we love this trail and this sport.

It was a beautiful day and everyone had a good time. FOTR showed up in force and we had no breakdowns. :)

John Allen negotiates Gatekeeper with ease!

When FOTR shows up, there's all sorts of rigs
to choose from.

It was a great day for wheeling!

Mike Overmeyer's rig -- President of the Pirates
and a huge supporter of FOTR.

Brian Jensen (L) and Jim Bramham (Driver),
with big smiles!

My Brother Dale (L) and his son Drew (R)
joined us on the tour.

Brian Jensen from Congressman Doolittle's office
survey's the granite slabs or "bowl" on the Loon Lake
entrance to the Rubicon Trai.

Jim Bramham (L) and Bob Reed (R) discuss
the Rubicon Trail over lunch. Bob is President
of CA4WDC and a long time supporter of FOTR.

Near Spider Lake the scene was patriotic.

Spider Lake, where we had our lunch stop.

The awesome Jeep was found on the trail. :)

The importance of these tours, or ride alongs, cannot be overemphasized. If you want to save your trail, get your elected officials out there to show them why you love the sport! Read more about politics and ride alongs.
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