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JUNE 12th, 2003


Members of FOTR guided the El Dorado County survey crew from Loon Lake to the Little Sluice (and back) for a day of GPSing the trail (and setting up monuments for further ortho-photo rectifying). We are mapping the entire trail and tying the ground points to aerial photos.

It was a great day and I want to thank Friends of the Rubicon folks for stepping up to the plate to get the job done --- again! Del-

Mike Overmeyer, President, Pirates of the Rubicon and FOTR member, lends his trail-mucho-readyrig for the survey job(GPS antenna and unit mounted on his truck).

ROC member Randy Pesses, Main-Man-In-Charge for El Dorado County road work and surveys, reviews the Rubicon map during a break in rockin'. (His Jeep).

New signs on the Rubicon Trail, showing the new section of the trail built by Friends of the Rubicon. The upper sign will mark the entire trail.

Ron DeLaney and his RocRunner Jeep take ona big rock while tranporting survey crew members.

Randy Pesses, El Dorado County, negotiates arocky section of the Rubicon Trial in his slightly modified TJ Jeep.

Here I survey the new signs on the trail as weapproach the newly built section of the Rubicon.

Ron DeLaney, Motherlode Rockcrawlers and
FOTR member, guides Kevin Champlin thru
The Gatekeeper -- it's rough, by the way.

Mike Overmeyer shows us how to do The Gatekeeper (with survey antenna and GPS units installed).

During our Rubicon trips, several FOTR members now carry portable toilets such as ThePett system shown here. Environmental awareness is part of our ongoing eductation process.

During our survey trip, we met two of the deputiesfrom the Quad Squad on patrol. Here they are getting their training. FOTR supports law enforcment!

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