As established by El Dorado County and the USFS around Loon Lake

You will see this sign if you were to drive up to Loon Lake during winter


For Motorized Rubicon Trail Access
back track 6 miles and turn right
Help Preserve the Loon Lake Winter Recreation Area
for non-motorized winter recreation enthusiasts

El Dorado County
U.S. Forest Service

FOTR Note: this is a voluntary bypass of the County road that goes through the Loon Lake Non-Motorized Winter Recreation Area." That's voluntary, not regulatory; a bypass, not a closure, and underlines that there is a *ROAD* into/through the non-motorized area.

NOTE for 2008 and beyond: the current Eldorado National Forest Record of Decision (Final EIS) calls for Winter Closures (total) from January through March -- meaning no winter travel by wheeled vehicles except over pavement areas.

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