AUGUST 29, 2009 FOTR Work Day Sign Up

Friends Of the Rubicon - Little Sluice Work Party August 29 from Jacquelyne Theisen

First we work....Then we Party!!!

We have approval from the County for a Little Sluice Work Party. This will be the first step in working with the County that we as FOTR and other stakeholders can maintain the area to Water Quality Standards.

Some of us will be heading in on Friday night, and we will be starting work at 10AM, briefing at 9:30 AM Saturday morning August 29th.

We will be camping at Winter Camp (if available) - look for the FOTR banner, the banner and the Motorsport Fabrication Services banner!!!

Here is the Plan as it was submitted to the County:

FOTR Little Sluice Work Day August 29, 2009 Incident Commander: Jacquelyne "bebe" Theisen

Planned Projects:

Little Sluice Clean-up - 20 team members

We will be cleaning the rocks of all visible petroleum based fluid stains and removing all visibly stained soil.

1) Amerizorb will be placed as an absorbent material in the Little Sluice to catch the petroleum residues and cleaner as we remove the existing stains from the rocks. (see Amerizorb Media Kit attached)

2) Our plan is to apply the mixed FM 186-2 solution; per the manufacturers instructions with hand held pump sprayers. (see ECS Media Kit attached)

3) The Boulders and cobble will be scrubbed with the cleaner and then blotted with absorbent pads, rinsed with a small amount of fresh water and blotted again.

4) Visibly stained Soil will be removed, bagged and disposed of at the Loon Lake or Wentworth Springs containment box. The used Amerizorb will also be bagged after the cleaning process is completed and placed in the county containment box.

5) Small sized boulders (10-18") will be moved into the Little Sluice box from the approach of the box to protect the loose soil from possible tread damage. Smaller cobble will be used to provide a shallow layer of fill in between the smaller boulders.


Rock - can be gathered as native material from base of Little Sluice and west identified by project leader. 5 gallon buckets - can be utilized to gather small cobble material off trail and either transport to trailers on the trail or transport for infill.


Tools needed:

    * Trailers - 2
    * Shovels - as needed
    * Gloves/Safety Glasses - 1 pair per person
    * Picks - 4 - 2 per group
    * Digging Bars - 4- 2 per group
    * 5 gallon buckets - as needed, stored in LL Kiosk
    * Garden Sprayers - 3
    * Long Handled Scrub Brushes - 5
    * Short handled scrub brushes - as needed
    * Absorbent Cloths - as needed


Sign-up !!!!

Please send me an e-mail bebehumr at gmail dot com to sign up for this work party. We need to have an accurate count of folks so that we can feed you after the work is done!

As usual we will have a great dinner after, and a few trips through the box....I'll be running the box for the first time myself in the Motorsport Fabrication Services K-5 Blazer Buggy!!!!

We will need a videographer and photographer to document the work for the County and for the Pirate Board of course. Let me know if you can take that role.

And as usual, all comments and suggestions are welcome!!!!