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NOTE: 10/1/03: the copter we had available to us to airlift the building could not lift it. We are reverting to Plan B. We will be taking the building apart, transporting it by vehicle, and reassemblying it on the new foundation we have built for it now. Del.

This is the building (old gauging station) that FOTR will be relocating to the Loon Lake Spillway to be developed in to a first class kiosk (information booth and sign center).  It will be prepared by volunteers (detached from its current foundation), then lifted and flown by helicopter to the spillway area. There, it will be set on its new foundation (again, built by FOTR).

NOTE: the building was prep'd for airlifting on 9/6/03. The new foundation was also poured and prepared.

Here's a frontal shot of the building we need to detach from its existing foundation and prepare for helicopter transport.  Yes, we have paint!

From the rear, you can see how the building is currently attached to the footings.

Inside needs some cleanup, then we have plywood to line the walls -- shelves too.

Footings and sub floor structure. We will pick up the building from the floor level and fly it.

We will detach theses footings and pour new ones at the Spillway, with girders on top of them for the new foundation/support.

Under the building we have access to remove the bracing and prepare it for transport. :)

The three stringers (running towards the right top) will remain attached to the building.

The roofing will be changed to a USFS approved color/design. The ROC agrees the change. We have new roofing ready to go.

Right side of building, showing how it's tied to the granite to prevent shifting by snow load. We will tie it to granite in its new location also.

Steve Morris, Rubicon-Soda Springs Property Owner, measures for the new windows we'll install after we get it moved to the spillway.

We will remove all of this old inside panel board, and add new plywood and shelves.

Read the kiosk Relocation Plan.

Kiosk Rigging and Moving Attempt Photos

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