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Landuse and Volunteerism Book
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Del & Stacie Albright Announce New Landuse Book:

Shortcuts to Landuse & Volunteerism
Tips, Tricks and Tap Dances for Saving Trails and Keeping Off-road Motorsports Alive.

Landuse Book Cover

Shielding public land from closure

Everything you need to know to save your trail; keep your club healthy; talk to bureaucrats; give a talk in public; organize an event; lead a convoy or trail ride; write a letter; form a "friends" group; pick the right business to buy from; understand a bit about the NEPA process; and more...

Based on 35 years of leadership and supervision experience with volunteers, and 30 of those years fighting for access and writing about it.

PREMIER SPONSORS/ADVERTISERS:RTF Rubicon Trail Foundation; and more to come.


More on WHY this BOOK is for YOU.


FREE to anyone interested in saving trails and doing more in landuse.

Brought to you buy supporting businesses and advertisers.

BRC Viking
Shielding public lands from closure!

Ad rates:

 Business ads will support the book and hopefully make it free to off-road enthusiasts. Basic page ad rates, b&w, bottom of text page, 1.5” x 4.75” approx. start at $300.

    Will be only one ad per page; covers bottom of page.  Businesses will be joining or renewing in BRC with part of the ad money as donated by Team Albright; events can use part of ad funds as a donation to BRC; or just allow the entire amount to support Del & Stacie in our efforts.

A few color ad options are available.

Stacie is the ad gal and will get you set up.  Hope to unveil the book in hard copy at TDS Desert Safari this March.  We hope to have 1000 printed hard copies for first printing.  It will be FREE to our off-road enthusiasts (interested in landuse and saving trails) as supported by these ads.

Online version will be available as well – posted on websites and forums that will bring hundreds of thousands of impressions/views.  Ads will be clickable links in the online version.

Payment can be by check or PayPal (, Del Albright, label it for book ad).



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